My Favourite Virtual Classroom Software For Online Teaching and On Demand Courses

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Newrow Smart paid plans starting at $27/month is probably the best virtual classroom software for online teaching. You don't have to take our word for it. Developed by Kaltura Software company, try Newrow for Free. Newrow is purpose-built for teaching online – virtual classroom software at its core! You can create online courses and engage your participants in virtual classes and webinars all through a wholly branded portal. Newrow Smart does not need Flash, downloads or installations, making virtual classes 100% web-based. It also has handy collaborative tools like a digital whiteboard, content management system to share presentations and videos, screen sharing, cloud recording, real-time notes, live quizzes and more. Unlike Zoom, you don't have to pay extra for breakout rooms. You can also create On-Demand courses that have grown in popularity as more and more organizations shift their educational programs from the classroom to the internet. You can have various content items such as videos, class recordings, PDF's and presentations that each learner can proceed through at their time and speed.

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