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With our dedication to sharing knowledge, ClubAgile has educated and inspired countless people inside and outside the classroom and helped organizations in Lean-Agile transformations. We pride ourselves on our level of teaching, as well as our coaching and consulting. We ensure our interaction and understanding with our students and clients are meaningful and engaging one. 


We specialize in changing a bureaucratic organization that has a top-down hierarchy with multiple layers and divisions to an Lean-Agile organization that encourages innovation and delivers customer value through small self-organized teams, collaboration and interactive network.


Get in touch to find out how successful Lean-Agile transformation happens bottom-up with top-down support using DA Toolkit.

Mountain Lake
Business Professor and Coach

Welcome to the website of Dr. Ashraf Naim, a highly regarded Business Professor and Coach. With experience as a lecturer, instructor and consultant, he has developed a reputation as a fresh and inspiring voice in his area of expertise. Dr. Naim is a Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI) and Scaled Agile Consultant 5.0 (SPC5)

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